DU Recorder For iOS

Idevice users and ipad users now have the opportunity to record their screens using the application du recorder. Du recorder supports iphone, android , and windows. Du recorder can be considered as a reliable and easy to use on screen recorder for iphone. Now with the screen recorder you can start recording your screen when you are using u tube , facebook and etc. also d u app allows you to make recording content from your screen even in games live shows sports too. Most importantly du recorder allows audio recording as well as to livestream your screen to various platforms. D u recordering app is available with high quality screen recording feature and at the same time contains advanced video editing features.

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D U Recorder iOS Features

You can add the recording screen option to the control center of your iphone and then log in to your facebook or u tube to start to livestream your screen on youtube and facebook via du recorder pro app. D u recordering app supports various recording of microphones and internal audio with a high quality livestreaming with a lot resolution options. You can set the livestream option to public or to private to save your privacy. RTMP address is supported by the the recordering app. This recording app also supports replay kit while a vast category of live tools like themes watermarks are available in the du recorder. This recordering app allows a very fluid screen recording and you can start recording all your video calls too using du recorder on your idevice. This recordering app is easy for using as it does not have time limits when recording meaning you can keep recording as long as you wish. Also du recorder/ screen recorder is available in several languages to record your screen and was last updated in 2022 March.

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Download DU Recorder for iDevice –iPhones and iPads

Now all idevice users can directly download this recordering app for their iphones, ipod touch and all other idevices through the internet and easily record. Idevice users have to select the ipa file option while selecting the du recorder to download. After few seconds du recorder will be installed to your idevice. Also you can download it from the app store. Search for this recordering app and click to install it to your device.

Install DU Recorder for iOS


How to Use Screen Recording Feature Through D U Recorder on iDevices

  • Step 1: you must add the screen recording feature to the control center of your idevices.
  • Step 2: tap the recording button and select the the recordering app to record screen videos Then the recorded video will be saved in your gallery.

How to Edit Video Using DU Recordering for iPhones

You can select the recorded video and do video editing functions using the this recordering app. You can trim videos and also you can add music to the recorded video. Also text adding and subtitle adding are also available in this editing option. Stickers and frames can also be added while local images and custom watermarks are also available in the this video editing option. You can also change the speed of videos on different sections of the video as can also add different types of filter to the video. Also you are given the option to crop videos to any ratio and to merge multiple videos. Also you are able to convert the recorded video to gif format and at the same time facecam option too is available on this recorder.

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How Do You Do Recording on iDevices

In ios 11 or later iphones and ipads you can create a screen recording and capture all your sounds videos on your iphones ipad or ipod

To start recording the screen :

  • Step 1: go to settings, and the control center , customize controls and then tap on the + button next to the screen recording option.
  • Step 2: then swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Step 3: press long on the dot like option and tap on the microphone.
  • Step 4: tap on the start recording option and you have to wait three seconds to start recording via the screen recording.
  • Step 5: to stop recording the screen open the control center and tap on the red dot there and the screen will stop recording.

You can find your screen recording saved in the photos app.

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Can I Secretly Start Recording on My iPhones?

Yes you can secretly start recording on your iphones using the camera app on your iphones. But it will be visible to others that your camera app is running on a bright screen. But in some old version of iphones and other idevices you can record secretly even without other not knowing. For that you have to lock your idevice's screen and press the lock key to brighten the lock app without unlocking. Then slide the camera icon up while holding it down for a little while. Then press the home button six times quickly. You must continue holding down the camera icon until your phone screen becomes dark. After this your idevice will keep recording until you turn it off.

Is This Recorder Safe to Use?

Yes it is safe to use unless you make the public mode on, you have to keep the private mode on so that no one will be able to get your data. If you are showing your password content and personal information in your record video you should hide them so that the this recorder app will be safe to use.

Download For iOS

Download DU Recorder For iOS