DU Recorder Skype

DU Recorder is the screen recorder that can use in recording the videos, capturing screenshots and many tasks. If you are looking for a method to screen what is on going on the screen on your smart device and the PC, use the DU Recorder. Now it is available the handy feature that is you can record the Skype call or what we call the skype business conference to review the call and do not miss the critical features later through the DU Recorder Skype. You can also share the saved calls to various networks. When you are using the DU Recorder Skype, you can continue in capture audio, video, instant messaging (IM), screen sharing, white board activity and polling either.

Through the app settings of DU Recorder Skype, you can adjust the video quality like number of frames per second. Also, there is no need of rooting while using Skype recording.

If you are not using the DU Recorder yet, download it from here.

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