DU Recorder Show Touches

DU Recorder introduced as one of the best screen recorders that can use in mobile devices. While using the screen of the device, the users can capture what is going on the screen without getting interrupted to the doing task. Once the recording shuts, it gives a smooth and clear captured output with editing features and ability to share through social media. Lately, it introduced a DU Recorder Show Touches option as a new developer feature. Under the ‘input’ heading option, there is a DU Recorder Show Touches and if it enabled, you can see the screen touching events including zoom in on your recorded video.

How to Enable DU Recorder Show Touches Feature?

1. Go to Settings on your Android device.
2. Scroll down and tap on ‘About Phone’.
3. Go to ‘Software Information’ option.
4. Tap on the build number about 10 times.
5. Once you get the success message, get back to
the Settings and select ‘Developer Mode’.
6. Scroll down to the feature called ‘Show Taps’
and enable it.

Now, it is ready to use DU Recorder Show Touches option on your device.

If you are not have DU Recorder, you can Download it at any time now.