DU Recorder Show Touches Button

It is much needed to use a screen recorder in these days while using your smart device. DU Recorder application is usable in recording your screen wherever you are using and whenever you want it. Using the DU Recorder, the users can use it in screen recording, record editing, sharing screen records over social media and many tasks. As the output comes in way of clear and smooth, DU recorder has many positive impressions on it. In order to maintain a high recommendations, it introduced, DU Recorder Show Touches Button option as a new Developer option. Once the DU Recorder Show Touches Button feature enabled, you can see the screen gestures in the recorded video.

Enable DU Recorder Show Touches

It is easy to enable the DU Recorder Show Touches option in your device. It just have few simple steps, and you can easily use below mentioned steps and complete in actions.

1. Use your Android device and go to Settings.
2. Scroll down to “About Phone” feature.
3. Scroll to “Software Information”.
4. If build number already appears there, tap on it
10 times.
5. You will get the success message then.
6. Get back to Settings and choose “Developer
7. Scroll down to the “Show Taps” and enable it.          Now, DU Recorder Show Touches button is              finally enabled and ready to use.

If you are not having the DU Recorder latest version, download it now.