DU Recorder SDK Project Download

Being able to record the screen is one of the wonderful experiences you get on your smartphone or PC. Not all smartphones get a default screen recorder. Although some latest released smart devices have built-in screen recorders, they can only record the screen as the functionality. Unlike that, if you install an external screen recorder app such as DU Recorder, you will get more features in addition to the screen recorder functionality. If you are interested in getting DU Recorder SDK Project Download on your device, simply visit our official website to get its download link.

Features of DU Recorder SDK Project Download

  • DU Screen Recorder allows you to record the screen of your smartphone or PC while doing anything such as video calling, playing games, watching movies, etc.
  • It brings a Video Editor feature to edit the recorded videos. You can set the video quality, add background music, and crop and edit the videos by using it.
  • The Screen Capture feature in DU Recorder SDK Project Download allows you to capture the screen when you want.
  • After recording and editing the videos, you can share them on social media platforms by using the Share option in the DU Recorder APK.

DU Recorder SDK Project Download on Mobile/ PC

Download links for both mobile and PC versions of DU Recorder are available on our official website. Simply visit our website to get relevant download links.